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Mplast aiming to manufacture and provide the best and the most qualified products with its experience of more than 10 years follows the current technology and makes new projects in line with the expectations and needs. These features of Mplast enabled her to shine bright like a star among all other companies and thanks to these features the company has been growing each day. Its adventure started with Turkey and Bulgaria, and now it is honored to make exportation to nearly 30 countries. The most important factor for Mplast to be among the leader companies in this sector is its Research and Development department. Research and Development department which is shortly called as R&D is the “women” like in the idea “behind every successful man there is a women”. R&D departments are the secret heroes of the companies. Mplast mixes the current technology with expectations and needs makes the best designs and provides the best quality for the production.

This team, whom we call as secret heroes behind the success of Mplast, has a very important role for us to be among the leaders of the sector with both its researches and projects.

R&D which is “sine qua non” of a company has been supported by Mplast and each kind of infrastructure has been provided in order to give them the best working conditions. Mplast is all over the world with its success thanks to its R&D department, the company owes and thanks so much to its R&D department, provides every kind of support in order for the success of this department.


About us

Mplast has given the utmost attention to the quality of its products and has adopted growing as its main developing strategy since the date it was established. Thanks to these main principles, Mplast has brought its product quality and customer satisfaction to the front both in land and abroad. Mplast has been audited by the certification institutions carrying out quality control audits within specific periods, provides the continuity of its production quality thanks to these audits.



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