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It is not necessary now to see human as a strategic resource in order to take the competitive advantage of the market in land and abroad. This application has gained increasing importance in the globalizing and innovative world is now beyond the human resource management. “Management of human abilities” has gained more importance than the management of human resources.

Human Resource Mission

In line with the mission and vision of Mplast, the mission of the company is to provide a working environment where they can create added value as people working in accord with high motivation, learning continuously, developing their capabilities, taking responsibilities, being open to changes and innovations.

Human Resource Vision

The vision of the company is to help the employees to become individuals who are flexible, competitive, innovative, adopting total quality management as life philosophy, creating positive synergy, keeping pace with current technology and innovations and to make leadership to the employees.

Our Human Resource Management Principles,

1. To give priority to the motivation and commitments of the employees to the company
2. To create an environment for continuous training and development
3. To plan and develop the career organizations of the individuals systematically
4. To make human force planning and organizational backup
5. Fair salary system and awarding policy
6. To give feedbacks to the individuals about their performance and
7. To hire according to needs and qualifications
8. To honor the employee before public and to respect personal rights
9. To enrich and support sportive, cultural and social activities

About us

Mplast has given the utmost attention to the quality of its products and has adopted growing as its main developing strategy since the date it was established. Thanks to these main principles, Mplast has brought its product quality and customer satisfaction to the front both in land and abroad. Mplast has been audited by the certification institutions carrying out quality control audits within specific periods, provides the continuity of its production quality thanks to these audits.



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